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Entertaining 6 to 8 People – Part 1

Entertaining 6 to 8 people

Entertaining 6 to 8 People – Part 1.

Entertaining 6 to 8 people can be challenging, not to mention that putting together food selection can be stressful as well. Don’t you agree ? This time I will give you some idea of food selection to entertain 6 to 8 adult. It is saver to measure cooking for 8 adult when we invite 6 as we never know for sure our guess appetite . Can be they just back from gym or running, or just like me…naturally eat a lot 😀

When entertaining people, I like to mix all type of food/cooking, it gives a rich taste and experience also choices to our lovely guesses. I love western food as much as Asian food. I love food, period :)

This time, I prepared lunch for 6 adult and 4 beautiful children. So the measurement for cooking would be similar with cooking for 8 adult. When I know that I cook a lot, I would not serve heavy entree, otherwise everyone will be full before the main food serve.

For the main dish I made:
1. Baked potatoes with bacon and thyme
2. Roasted leg of lamb
3. Rosemary chicken and tomatoes
4. Indonesian braised beef
5. Roasted Mushroom Salad

I cooked “Rosemary chicken and tomatoes” and “Indonesian braised beef” the night before as both dishes taste better the next day, thats what I think anyway. And also it makes a lot easier the next day as we only cook few dish.

Here’s the portion I use and the shopping list for above menus, I do hope it helps with your entertaining plan.

1.Baked potatoes with bacon and thyme.
You can find the recipe under western food – side dish. Or just search for Baked potatoes with bacon and thyme recipe and you will find it.
1-Arie's Kitchen Cooking17

2.Roasted leg of lamb.
You can find the recipe under western food or Asian food – Lamb. Or just search for Roasted leg of lamb recipe.
1-Arie's Kitchen Cooking15

3.Rosemary chicken and tomatoes.
You can find the recipe under western food – Poultry. Or just search for Rosemary chicken and tomatoes.
Please note, this time I replaced red wine with chicken stock. Also amount of the chicken is little bit more:
-10 chicken skinless thigh fillet, cut into 2 part.
-2 rosemary spring, finely chopped.
-1 big red onion, finely sliced.
-5 garlic clove, sliced.
-6 anchovy, chopped.
-2x 400 gr can chopped tomatoes.
-1 tbs cappers.
-75ml chicken stock.
-Garam dan merica (Salt and papper)
-Italian parsley, chopped for garnish.
-3 tbs olive oil.
Method is remains the same.
1-Arie's Kitchen Cooking19

4.Indonesian braised beef.
You can see the recipe under Asian food – Beef. Or just search for Indonesian braised beef recipe.
1-Arie's Kitchen Cooking16

5.Roasted Mushroom Salad.
You can see the recipe under Western food – Salad. Or just search for Roasted Mushroom Salad Recipe.
1-Arie's Kitchen Cooking14

If you love baking, for desert you can make cake or something fancier like baked cheese cake but if you are not a baker like me I will go simple by get some chocolates, 2 different type of nice biscuits to complement coffee or tea (choc chips and short bread) plus grapes or other easy to eat fruits as not everyone have a sweet tooth :)

Shopping List for the menus above:
-1.5 kg beef
-1,5 kg leg of lamb
-10 chicken skinless thigh fillet
-250gr bacon
-600 ml cooking cream
-1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
-1 cup unsalted roasted cashew
-small bottle sweet soy sauce
-small bottle light soy sauce
-small jar of anchovy
-2x 400 gr can chopped tomatoes
-small jar of cappers
-liquid chicken stock
-1x 200ml coconut milk
-coriander powder
-turmeric powder
-olive oil
-sesame seeds
-wine vinegar
-dijon mustard
-2 kg potatoes
-3 whole garlic
-1 bunch of fresh thyme leaf
-small fresh ginger (6cm)
-5 chilli paddy
-3 medium Frech onion/shallot
-1 tomato
-1 lemon
-2 rosemary spring
-1 big red onion
-1 bunch Italian parsley
-5 kafir lime leaf
-5 bay leaf
-2 lemon grass
-2 cm galangal (optional)
-800 gr fresh small button mushroom
-200 gr mix green leaf
*Plus any entree, desert and drinks of your choice.

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