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Fresh Guava Juice Recipe

Fresh Guava Juice RecipeArie’s Kitchen Fresh guava juice recipe.

Last January I went to my favourite nursery not to far away from our home and found a guava tree. Without thinking twice I just bought this fruit tree that was only half of meter tall then. And now its grown to nearly two metres high. Mind you we don’t really have a space anymore. But I’m sure I will manage somehow (that’s what I told myself most of the time) even if I might have to borrow our neighbours garden 😀 . Untuk versi bahasa silahkan kunjungi Resep Jus Jambu Biji Putih Segar.

How to plant guava in Perth Australia Not long after I replanted the tree to a bigger pot, it started flowering and finally fruiting. At the end we got about four good size fruits. Not bad at all for a small tree. I was so curious and can’t wait to see what type of tree this is going to be? White or the pink/red one as there is no description of what colour its going to be. And it turned out to be white colour and very sweet.
If you have never tried guava before, I think you should. But be aware that guava has so many different types so if your first try you got the sour or tasteless one, you should try a different type of guava :)

How to tell when the guava is ripe? So easy. When the guava ripens it produces a very strong aroma even while they are still attached to the tree. I was amazed that mine didn’t get fruit flies considering it’s very fragrant. Guava trees love heat, and make sure to give them enough water if you have them in pot like ours as they always looks like thirsty. They’re easy to grow.

Fresh Guava Juice Recipe
Serves: 2
  • 2 pieces of white guava (or any guava) size tennis ball or 4 small ones
  • ½ cup of very cold water (water that is stored in the refrigerator)
Cooking Instructions:
  1. Rinse guava fruit and cut into pieces (to make it easier to blend) and put in a blender. Close, and then turn on the blender.
  2. After guava teksture looks like pure, add in the cold water.
  3. Turn on the blender again until the water is well blended with the guava. Turn off the blender.
  4. Take a sieve, strain the juice to separate out the seeds.
  5. Enjoy fresh white guava juice while still cold.

Please leave comments below if you like or have questions about our fresh guava juice recipe. Thanks!

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