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Jul 12

Resep Bikin Mie Goreng Spesial Enak dan Mudah ~ Mie Goreng / Fried Noodles Recipe


Resep Mie Goreng Spesial
*serve 6-8*

-2 paket 450gr mie basah/saya pakai fresh hokkien thin noodle (2x 450 fresh hokkien thin noodle)
-500 gr ayam tanpa tulang, iris (500 gr chicken thigh fillet, cut into small pieces)
-3 wortel, iris (3 carrot, cut thinly)
-1 paprika merah, iris (1 capsicum, cut into pieces)
-3 batang seledri, iris serong (3 stalk of celery, slice)
- 4 telur (4 eggs)
-500 gr udang (500gr prawn)
-6 cabe rawit, iris (6 chilli padi, slice thinly)
-8 bawang putih, cincang (8 garlic clove, minced)
-1 sdt merica bubuk kasar (1 tsp cracked black pepper)
-1/2 sdt garam (1/2 tsp salt)
-1/2 cup kecap manis (1/2 cup sweet soy sauce)
-minyak untuk menumis (5 tbs cooking oil/olive oil)
-2 sdt gula pasir (2 tsp brown sugar)
-1 cup daun ketumbar iris, bias diganti daun seledri (1 cup chopped coriander leaf)

-Masak mie, tiriskan.
(cook the noodle, set aside)
-Panaskan minyak, tumis bawang putih dan cabe.
(heat oil, sautee garlic and chilli)
-masukkan ayam, masak sampai setengah matang.
(add chicken, stir occasionally until half cooked)
-masukkan udang, masak sampai udang berubah warna.
(add prawn, cook until prawn change the colour)
-masukkan telur, masak disisi penggorengan , sampai telur matang.
(using spatula, push everything on the half side of pan/wok, use the other half to cook the egg, keep stir the egg until it’s cooked)
-masukkan wortel, batang seledri, dan paprika yang sudah diiris, masak kira-kira 2 menit.
(Add carrot, celery, and capsicum, stir about 2 minutes)
-masukkan merica, garam, gula, kecap manis, aduk.
(add pepper, salt, brown sugar, stir and mix all in the pan/wok together)
- masukkan mie, aduk rata.
(add noodles, stir well)
-masukkan daun ketumbar/daun seledri, aduk.
(add coriander leaf, stir well)
-siap dihidangkan ☺ ~ your mie goreng ready to serve ☺

You can change the vegies and meat/prawn to your favorite vegies and meat. Sometimes I put cabbage as well. And for the meat if I don’t have prawn or chicken, I put sliced meatballs, beef, basically anything I can find in my fridge ☺
Mie goreng is one of favorite dish in Indonesia, especially in Java. You will find nearly every medium to big restaurant have Mie Goreng on their menu.
Plus….. maybe you wonder how come same Mie Goreng can taste totally different!
It’s because Indonesia had so many little region with their own taste. In example in Central Java the food taste sweeter than East Java where it’s more savoury.

Share your experience with me if you have tried Indonesian food and tell me what you think :)


  1. Yuli

    Enak sdh di coba

    1. DCAxe

      Terima Kasih Yuli, I hope you try some of the other recipes too! (Nasi Goreng Special enak juga)

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