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Aug 14

Resep Pancake Mudah dan Enak ~ My Kinda Pancake Recipe

Seriously, I can have this kind of pancake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, just change the toppings little bit :D The thin crepe taste soooooooo goood even without maple syrup !!!!!! Very easy to make and looks fabulous \0/IMG_2600

-125gr tepung terigu (125 gr plain flour)
-1 sdm gula pasir (1 tbs sugar)
-2 butir telur (2 eggs)
-130 ml susu (130 ml milk)
-2 cups buah-buahan, sesuai selera. Saya pakai pisang, strawberry, 2 macam anggur, -potong ukuran kecil.
(2 cups of mix fruit, whichever you prefer, this time I use banana, strawberry and 2 types of grapes, cut into small pieces)
-Maple syrup atau madu (maple syrup or honey)
-2 sdm oil ( 2 tbs oil)

- Masukkan putih dan kuning telur bersama gula ke dalam mangkuk, lalu mixer.
(Add egg white and egg yolk into a bowl then use hand mixer to mix them, you can use the manual mixer)
- Masukkan tepung terigu, mixer dengan kecepatan rendah.
(add flour, mix together)
- Masukkan susu perlahan-lahan, aduk sampai tidak ada gumpalan tepung.
(slowly add milk, mix until no lump)
- Panaskan wajan anti lengket, olesi minyak, tuangkan 1 sendok sayur adonan pancake, ratakan, masak sampai kekuningan, angkat, lakukan hal yang sama sampai adonan habis.
(heat non sticky pan, add little bit of oil, once oil hot enough, add 1 big spoon of mix ingredients into the pan until golden colour, do the same thing with the rest of the mix – makes 8 mini/thin pancakes)
- Lipat crepe/dadar segitiga, taruh di piring saji, hiasi dengan potongan buah-buahan, tuang maple syrup atau madu diatasnya.
(fold crepe into triangle/or any way you like, add fruits around it, drizzle with maple syrup or honey)
- Selamat mencoba \0/

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