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Resep Bubur Enak Bu Mia ~ Rice Porridge

Resep Bubur Enak Bu Mia ~ Rice Porridge.

In Indonesia, we’ve got so many different type of porridge. I remember when I was little, my mum always make me either savoury porridge or chicken soup when I’m sick. Her porridge was different, she put coconut milk ini it.

My dear friend sent me this porridge recipe. The taste is very nice and refreshing with aroma of celery, yummy mix. I hope you all enjoy it as I do :)IMG_1463

-4 cups of water (4 cup air)
-1/2 cup of basmati rice, wash (1/2 cup beras basmati, cuci bersih)
-2 tbs dried white bait, cut into small pieces (2 sdm teri kering, potong kecil)
-100-200gr chicken mince (100gr ayam cincang)
-1/4 small Celery, slice (1/4 batang seledri, iris kecil)
-Salt (garam secukupnya)

-Boil the water in a pot.
(didihkan air di panci)
-Add rice.
(masukkan beras)
-Sautee chicken mince and fish, add into rice.
(Tumis ayam cincang dan teri, lalu masukkan ke dalam beras)
-Stir occasionally until the rice is soft.
(aduk, biarkan sampai nasi lembut)
-Add salt and chopped celery.
(masukkan garam dan irisan batang seledri)

Enjoy \0/

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